How to become a construction manager in Australia.

If you have been in the construction business for many years now and have climbed up that ladder, you most probably are looking for greater opportunities. Working as a construction manager is hard work. Becoming a construction manager in one of the best places in the world is something else. Here’s what you need to make that happen.

The Department of Employment in Australia released a survey showing that the demand for Building Construction jobs will continue to rise until the year 2020. Vacancies reaching up to over 85,000 will be available for job seekers in this field. So, if you’re wondering if it’s a flourishing field in Australia, that’s your answer.

Being a construction manager

Being a construction manager requires a set of skills. You plan, direct, coordinate, organize, and control engineering projects. You also deal with clients and different kinds of employees, so make sure to accommodate their needs while supervising the construction. It’s managing your time well while using logic and reason. It’s basically multi-tasking on a certain level.

First things first. What are the qualifications?

Most construction managers in Australia fall between the ages 35 -44 years old. Only 20 percent of them are 55 years old and above and only 0.5 percent are younger than 19 years old.

A separate survey shows the educational attainment an applicant should have to qualify for this job. It reveals that most people who work as construction managers have a Certificate III/IV. A Certificate IV in Building and Construction, for example, is enough to get in.

The next percentage of those who make it are those who have a Bachelor’s degree. The others, an advanced diploma.

Construction manager salary

You may have ticked age and educational attainment on the list. Now, you’re wondering, “How much salary would I get working as a construction manager in Australia?” Well, according to Payscale, a site manager can earn up to $ 108,419 average per year. It really is between a median of around $ 96,000 and $ 215,000 per annum depending on your skill and your experience.

Working hours

With salary in mind, the average working hoursyou should expect to give would be 30-40 hours per week if you plan on going full time. For part-time workers, the average would be 16-18 hours per week.

If you do make it in Australia, expect construction jobs mostly on apartments and residential homes. A relatively high number of apartments are being constructed in New South Whales, Victoria, and Queensland. This only proves that there is high demand for high-rise buildings as compared to that of residential homes.

Now that you know what you should have to make it as a construction manager in Australia, all it takes for you is to make that decision and give it a try.

Australia is one of the highest-ranking countries when It comes to quality of life, education, health, and economic freedom. Twenty-six percent of its population are immigrants. What are you waiting for? Grab that opportunity now.