What are three examples of emergencies that could occur on a construction site?

Everyone knows how dangerous construction sites can be. This is why only authorized people are allowed to go in there. These people have been trained to stay safe despite the obvious dangers. Those who have no business being in a construction site are better off away from it. Having no safety knowledge and not wearing the proper gear could only lead to emergencies.

If you have no idea about the dangers that we’re talking about, here are three of the most common construction site emergencies you should know of:

  1.     Falling

Since construction sites normally mean unfinished buildings, we can expect to see high buildings with no walls or covers. Workers also use scaffoldings and tall ladders several times per day. These are all recipes for falling accidents.

This is why people in construction sites are required to use hard hats, restraints and catch nets whenever they work on the risky areas of the buildings. Most of the fatal falling accidents are caused by the construction team’s lack of safety gear. Most of the time, this kind of accident can easily be prevented by using harnesses and catch nets.

  1.     Machine-Caused Accidents

Construction sites always use tools and machineries. These increase the chances of an accident by several folds. These accidents can be as minor as a nail gun injury, and as big as a bulldozer accident.

Since construction sites are home to big and heavy machines, workers are trained to prioritize safety while in the workplace. It’s worth noting that even trained construction workers can still get into accidents when using heavy machines. So it’s safe to say that those who aren’t trained to be in construction sites are more prone to accidents than those who are.

  1.     Collision with Objects

Collision with different objects is pretty common in construction sites. This can involve collision between gigantic vehicles and collision among fast moving machines. Because of all the possibilities, people in construction sites are advised to wear protective and visibility gears. These include high-visibility helmets, reflective vests and padded clothing.

As a whole, construction sites can be very dangerous to anyone, even to construction workers. In fact, apart from the three emergencies mentioned above, there are other minor accidents that can likewise occur in construction sites. These include burns, cuts and slips. There are also other major accidents that can take place such as explosions, electrocution and accidents involving chemicals. These may occur less frequently than the abovementioned emergencies but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible for this to happen.

With all of these potential mishaps, people are advised to never forego wearing protective gear while in a construction site. This step is not optional and there are no exceptions.

Construction teams are also advised to have first aid kits and emergency stations within their sites to ensure quick response to accidents. Nevertheless, it is also everyone’s responsibility to be careful and to stay safe in dangerous places like this. Although accidents are inevitable, there are always steps that people can take to stay as far away from them as possible.